About Us

BowwowDogFun Cars was founded by Moksha McClure after she was a commuter cyclist for three years. McClure needed to cut expenses drastically during the recession in order to keep her small petsitting business solvent. During that time she not only became familiar with being a bug windshield, she also learned about the local rental car business because, on occasion, she found it necessary to rent a car.

The car rental agency McClure rented from often upgraded her for minimal fees as a sort of frequent renter/Kamaaina goodwill gesture. After trying a variety of cars from their fleet, she came to the conclusion that convertibles were the way to go on Kauai. When the recession eased, she became a vehicle owner again with a sporty Jeep Wrangler. Eventually a convertible Sebring became available on the manini (small) local market and she couldn’t resist.

Feeling guilty about having two vehicles and not wanting to sell either, McClure started renting her extra vehicle. Slowly but surely a small rental car business was born. After the challenging years of the recession, McClure vowed to have more fun for her new year’s resolution. When it came time to name her business, Fun Cars was the only name that came to mind. McClure now sells real estate. Fun Cars is managed by the lovely and talented Sheryl Hearn.

We hope you enjoy our beautiful island and that our cars help make your stay more fun!